Expert to Make Expert..!

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1. 100% attendance in training classes.
2. 100% course fee payment at the first time.
3. Getting top score in exams in a 50 trainees exam batch.
4. Top Behavioral Satisfaction Scored By Trainers & Office Stuffs.
5. IQ test exam 80% above scored by “Tuhin Institute of Training”.
6. Trainees of “Tuhin Institute of Training” of minimum 6 months training courses.
7. Minimum HSC passed.

Scholarship Facilities:
1. One Lac Taka for starting new business related with the finishing training course
from donator’s funds (Trade License of Business is Required).
2. Two to Three Lac Taka Loan without interest (5% Service Charge Required) for starting new business. Back the total money by maximum 12 payments or pay 20% interest required if you pay by 13 to 24 payments. (If Audit Committee Approved After Auditing the Business) (Donator’s fund must be
3. Job offer by “Tuhin Institute of Training” or “tuhinit”.

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